Cannabis News Year-in-Review

Framing Marijuana: How U.S. Newspapers Frame Marijuana Legalization Stories (1995–2014).
Marijuana Initiatives Versus Legislation and Public Health. Early Evidence on Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Traffic Fatalities. Cannabis Legalization and Psychiatric Disorders: Caveat “Hemp-tor.” Reefer Madness or Much Ado about Nothing? Cannabis Legalization Outcomes among Young Adults in the United States. Round Table: A New Wave of Marijuana Legalization: Political & Commercial highs – Public health lows?

Watching Canada’s Experiment with Legal Cannabis. Thinking Beyond Legalization: The Case for Expanding Evidence-Based Options for Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment in Canada. Availability of Legalized Cannabis Reduces Demand for Illegal Cannabis among Canadian Cannabis Users: Evidence from a Behavioral Economic Substitution Paradigm. Assessing the Public Health Impact of Cannabis Legalization in Canada: Core Outcome Indicators towards an ‘Index’ for Monitoring and Evaluation. A Higher Authority: Canada’s Cannabis Legalization in the Context of International Law.

The Continued Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Unintentional Pediatric Exposures in Colorado. Patterns of Facial Trauma before and after Legalization of Marijuana in Denver: A Joint Study between two Denver Hospitals. Marijuana Use and Related Health Care Encounters in Colorado Before and After Retail Legalization. Marijuana Legalization and Crime Clearance Rates: Testing Proponent Assertions in Colorado and Washington State.

Use of Marijuana and Other Substances Among Pregnant and Parenting Women With Substance Use Disorders: Changes in Washington State after Marijuana Legalization. Prevalence of Cannabis Use in Youths After Legalization in Washington State. Washington Retail Marijuana Legalization: Parent and Adolescent Preferences for Marijuana Messages in a Sample of Low-Income Families. The Implications of Cannabis Policy Changes in Washington on Adolescent Perception of Risk, Norms, Attitudes, and Substance Use.

Legalization of Recreational Marijuana and Community Sales Policy in Oregon: Impact on Adolescent Willingness and Intent to Use, Parent Use, and Adolescent Use. Oregon Recreational Marijuana Legalization: Changes in Undergraduates’ Marijuana Use Rates from 2008-2016.The Pot Rush: Is Legalized Marijuana a Positive Local Amenity?

Prenatal Marijuana Use by Self-Report and Umbilical Cord Sampling in a State With Marijuana Legalization. Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities and Undercompensated Care Associated with Legalization of Marijuana. Cannabis Legalization Does Not Influence Patient Compliance with Opioid Therapy. Impact of Cannabis Legalization on Treatment and Research Priorities for Cannabis Use Disorder.

Why Uruguay Legalized Marijuana: The Open Window of Public Insecurity. Adolescent Substance-Use Prevention and Legalization of Marijuana in Uruguay: A Feasibility Trial of the Keepin’ it EAL Prevention Program.

Hedging Bets: Applying New Zealand’s Gambling Machine Regime to Cannabis Legalization.