Cannabis News Round-Up

On Election Day, will two more states go to pot? 4 more states could legalize medical or recreational marijuana next week. Marijuana legalization in 5 charts: A 2018 midterm report. Another big election year for marijuana as candidates recognize voters want legal weed.

Utah State Senator tries marijuana on camera to show why state should support legalization. Pot in the North Dakota prairieChicago pot startup raises $120 Million, support grows for legal weed. Legalizing Michigan‘s marijuana would increase tax revenue, backers say. Debating Michigan marijuana legalization; rehashing the final governor’s debate.

The eruption of illegal weed dispensaries in Los Angeles is a problem of the city’s own making. Can pot save a California pumpkin farm? Marijuana smell lawsuit that could endanger Colorado pot biz goes to trial. Advocacy groups push Colorado to make legal marijuana market more equitableReport on marijuana’s impact on Colorado since legalization finds benefits amid some trouble spots. Judge tosses Josephine County, Oregon marijuana lawsuit against state.

Let scientists study the effect of marijuana as we decide on legalization. Vermont physicians’ group comes out against legal marijuana market. Niagara County health board opposes pot legalization. Final marijuana legalization report is blueprint for potential New Hampshire legislation.

AB InBev watching the legal marijuana market closely. Panel explores legalized marijuana impacts on trucking industry. How does a dispensary compliance specialist do her job? Why is CBD everywhere?

Mexico just took a big step toward marijuana legalization. Marijuana exports become the talk of presidential campaign in Georgia.

After marijuana legalization, Asians in Canada tread a cultural divide over getting high. China tells its citizens to avoid using legal marijuana while in Canada. With pot legalized, job openings surge in Canada cannabis industry. Canada legalization of marijuana gives it a head start in global researchDemand for Canada legal marijuana so high that Ontario and Quebec running out. Canada legalization leaves medical users stranded, and more. Vancouver marijuana capital, struggles to tame the black market.

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