Cannabis News Round-Up

Colorado cracks a billion in annual marijuana sales in record time, generating $200M in tax revenueCanada legalization creates opportunities for Colorado marijuana businesses.
When it comes to pot legalizationCanada “on the right track,” says Colorado police expert.

See inside the marijuana facility growing some of Massachusetts first legal recreational cannabis. Is recreational marijuana legalization coming in Florida?

Illinois legislators make case for legalizing, regulating recreational marijuana during Des Plaines town hall. No matter who’s elected Illinois governor, fast pot legalization a pipe dream. Federal marijuana law enforcement elicits varying concerns from dispensary operators in OklahomaNorth Dakota marijuana legalization measure winning in latest poll.

Legalize marijuana but cautiously, Albany prosecutor tells state Assembly. New Jersey marijuana legalization: 5 takeaways from “Let’s Talk About Marijuana” forumNew Jersey sets yet another new timeframe for legalizing marijuana.

When will marijuana finally be legalized nationwide? Researchers have a forecast. Two in three Americans now support legalizing marijuana. Legalized marijuana could bring $262 Million in new tax revenue by 2023, report finds. Marijuana potency on the rise. Ex-Speaker Boehner pitches investors on marijuana industry.

If Democrats take House, will pot prohibition go up in smoke? Democrats hope legal weed will smoke GOP at the ballot box. Oregon Congressman issues “Blueprint To Legalize Marijuana” for Democratic House In 2019. Congress, businesses push for homegrown weed.

How does a marijuana lawyer do their job? Fox News host shuts down supporter of legalized marijuana. Drug Czar promises “objective and dispassionate” research on marijuana legalization, which he is legally required to oppose by any means necessary.

Everything you need to know about pot and the Canada-US border. 4 ways legal pot will be better inCanada than in the US. What Canada got right about legal pot. Will legalizing marijuana light up Canada economy? What happens to the Canada black market now that weed is legal? Serious supply challenges after Canada cannabis sales boom. Don’t call 911 about weed, say helpful Toronto cops. Toronto police raid 5 marijuana dispensaries as retail locations still not permitted. This is why Canada changed its mind on cannabisCanada recreational cannabis packaging strictly regulated. What does legal cannabis mean for Canada political partiesMexico eyes legalizing marijuana to control violenceMexico government officials visit Canada to learn about marijuana legalization. Korea says it will arrest citizens who smoke weed in Canada.

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