Cannabis News Round-Up

Marijuana is now legal in Canada. All eyes are on Canada, the biggest country yet to legalize pot. Canada marijuana legalization has companies chasing a green rush. 4 in 10 in Canada say price of cannabis will determine if they buy legally. Cannabis forbidden for Canada federal prison guards 24 hours before work. Man credited with decriminalizing drugs in Portugal not sure Canada legal cannabis is the right move. Canada cannabis could disrupt a half-trillion dollar marketFacebook stops blocking marijuana search results ahead of Canada legalization. In major shift, the US says it won’t ban Canada pot workers. Streamlined pardon process for Ontario marijuana possession convictions on the way.

The midterm elections will give some voters a chance to legalize marijuana. Trump administration seeks public comments on marijuana reclassification. Just in time for midterms, White House suggests it will tackle cannabis reform after the midterms.

Marijuana is emerging among California vineyards, offering promise and concern. Canada is about to legalize marijuana; here’s why California should care. What Canada can learn from California on marijuana legalization.

New Hampshire could reap more than $57M from legal marijuana salesNew York Assembly candidates differ on marijuana legalization. New Jersey lawmakers hash out marijuana bill, but can it pass?

Group against North Dakota legalizing marijuana says Measure 3 doesn’t protect citizens. Breaking down the debates for marijuana legalization in WisconsinMichigan pot industry faces legal obstacles.

New book explores policy battles over marijuana use. Crashes rise in first states to begin legalized retail sales of recreational marijuana. A cannabis law expert explains three major hurdles for the industry.

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