Cannabis News Round-Up

Jamaican-born musician convicted by all-white Mississippi jury faces up to 40 years in prison for transporting legal marijuana. Seattle court agrees to vacate misdemeanor marijuana convictions prosecuted before legalization. New Jersey marijuana legalization could wipe weed arrests off your criminal recordNorth Mariana Islands (CNMI) makes history; recreational marijuana legal. Peter Thiel-backed fund hits the jackpot with $12 billion Tilray stake.

Police chiefs warn of increased crime if California allows pot deliveries statewide. California Governor Jerry Brown keeps saying mean things about marijuana consumers. Now thatCalifornia recreational marijuana is legal, what should advertising look like? LAX travelers can carry marijuana — but first they have to get past TSA, police say. Idaho gubernatorial candidates disagree on marijuana legalization.

DC budding market for legal pot is rife with potential pitfalls. New Mexico voters back legal marijuana. Marijuana Justice Act: The future of marijuana legalization.

What to know before visiting the new recreational marijuana dispensaries in MassachusettsMassachusetts first recreational pot sales could be days away. Study of marijuana legalization in New Hampshire nears completion.

At New York marijuana listening session, high hopes for legalization. Not everyone in New York eager for marijuana legalizationNew York lawmakers are exploring whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. Legalizing New York pot: Utica officials offer pros, cons. New York can’t afford to let New Jersey pass retail pot alone. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Are legal weed deliveries, unlimited dispensaries on the way? Legal weed timeline pushed back again for New Jersey. Here’s why that may be a good thing. Waiting for legal weed in New Jersey? It could be months before any vote on legalization. Why legalizing weed in New Jersey could change the pot market worldwide.

Pennsylvania leaving $581 million on the table by not legalizing marijuana. Pennsylvania state rep. introduces bill to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Rally held in Pennsylvania to support recreational marijuana legalization.

Michigan law enforcement takes stand against recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana could be legal soon in Michigan. Most local officials oppose it, Most residents support.

It’s high times for soaring marijuana stocks on Wall Street. Why there’s big money in the legal marijuana industry. Marijuana stocks are the new Bitcoin. Wall Street’s marijuana madness: “It’s like the internet in 1997.” Why marijuana stocks could mean big highs and lows for early investors. When pot smoke clears, profits may be in familiar hands. Gary Johnson says his $250,000 in cannabis stocks irrelevant to his backing of legalized marijuana.  Cramer: “Don’t get ahead of yourself” with cannabis stocks. Heirs to alcohol fortunes turn their attention to weed. Six experts on whether the cannabis craze is a boom or bust. Despite marijuana legalization successes, police keep arresting users.

High-grade pot jobs have arrived, marijuana industry report says.
Red or blue makes little difference when it comes to the question of legalizing marijuana. Legal marijuana: Vote for it, even if you aren’t going to smoke it. Strong support for marijuana legalization ballot initiatives ahead of 2018 election. If marijuana legalization has been so bad for other states, why have so many of them done it? Could marijuana give wine a run for its money? How does a hash maker do his job?

How will marijuana legalization change the US-Canada border?
Eyes of the global marijuana industry are on Canada as it legalizes recreational use. Canada to study cannabis cryptomarkets ahead of recreational marijuana legalization. How the Canada cannabis company Tilray became worth more than American Airlines. Canada legalization countdown: The week in cannabis. Canada could burden marijuana with enough taxes to keep the black market thriving. With 1 month to go, is Canada ready for legal recreational marijuana? Trudeau government suggests most Canada marijuana users and employees won’t face problems at US border. British Columbia expects it will take two to three years for legal marijuana industry to ‘mature.’

South Africa legalizes private marijuana use for adults. Uruguay, the first country to legalize pot, is taking it slow. Georgia Orthodox Church protests against marijuana legalization. Lawmaker pushes for marijuana legalization in Kenya.

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