Cannabis News Round-Up

Handful of growers hold hundreds of cultivation licenses in California legal marijuana market. What some California hotels are doing to attract marijuana smokers. Marijuana company says Oregon, Colorado are “horrible markets” to be in.

Vermont state police readying for era of legal marijuana.
Some Michigan marijuana convictions could disappear if voters approve legal pot. Study recommends New York legalize recreational marijuana. New York marijuana legalization unlikely this year, despite growing momentum.

Weed in Ohio: Ohioans know it’s coming, poll says, and they’re ok about it.Three-quarters of Arizona Republican voters against marijuana legalization.

Americans favor legal weed–and second chances. Pot opponents, legalization and democracy.

What Canada can teach the US about marijuana: Legalize it, don’t advertise it. The new Canada model for a health-first approach to legalizing weed. Canada has legalized marijuana. That has big implications for US drug policyCanada braces for cultural changes as marijuana becomes legal. Home-grown pot remains the sticking point for the Canada Senate. Small Canada provinces much more prepared for day 1 of legalization. After Canada, will UK be next to legalize marijuana?

Majority in France favors marijuana legalization, poll finds.