Cannabis News Round-Up

Alaska marijuana board seeks public comment on proposed on-site consumption rules. Oregon crime labs drowning in urine samples. Oregon vastly reduces daily purchase limits for medical cannabis. Teen marijuana use is down in California following legalization, state-funded study shows. California lawmakers want the state to collect data on drivers under the influence of pot. Why is legal marijuana taking so long to reach California? Blame local officials.

Massachusetts cannabis commissioner tells critics to “chill.” Payments for marijuana licenses appear to skirt Massachusetts law. Massachusetts opts out of reviewing host community agreements for legal marijuana; different cannabis testing methods spark debate. Vermont Democratic Party calls for marijuana legalization expansionProhibition and the future of marijuana in Connecticut.

New York Assembly plans hearings to examine marijuana legalizationNew York State represebtatives against legalizing recreational marijuana. Two new bills could revolutionize New Jersey marijuana industry. New Jersey could legalize weed by end of the month. As New Jersey legal weed push stalls, marijuana opponents gain ground, winning battles in townsPennsylvania State Rep. launches online petition in support of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Legal marijuana is on the ballot in Michigan–but is the fight over? Mariana Islands (CNMI) lawmakers vote to legalize marijuana.

As big tobacco smolders, booze makers get higher on pot. Is marijuana the future of beer? Legal marijuana industry tries to shake stoner stereotypes.Cannabis supply chains coming out of the shadows. Cloning of marijuana seeds bypasses federal law. Marijuana stocks just keep going higher. How does a dispensary manager do his job? The marijuana industry is gripped by a deal frenzy. Legal marijuana could be worth $47 billion in the US alone.

Inside the Trump Administration’s secret war on weed. The White House is gearing up for a secret war on legal weed. As the Army modernizes its standards to join, legal marijuana use is still an open question. America’s invisible pot addicts. Cannabis use disorder. Where marijuana is legal, some cities help people still haunted by it. Elizabeth Warren says Jeff Sessions acted as catalyst for weed legalization. One in seven adults used marijuana in 2017. Legal weed is a reality in America, but Congress refuses to admit it.

US border agents gear up for Canada marijuana legalization, vowing to enforce federal law. Canada online sale of pot after legalization raises privacy concerns, experts say. Why these patients, retailers and researchers say Canada shouldn’t drop medical cannabis post-legalization. Canada doctors see more harm than good in legal pot.

Jamaica ganja cigarettes anyone?

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