Cannabis News Round-Up

Weed farmers are suing a California county after it kicked them out. California police fight statewide marijuana deliveriesColorado Sen. Bennet blasts Trump administration for “intentional effort to mislead” on legal marijuana.

Here are three tracks legal weed in New Jersey could take. New legal weed proposal in New Jersey to include pot deliveryNew Jersey marijuana legalization: Why are cops arresting fewer kids, more boomersNew York legalization supporters push case at marijuana listening session. New Hampshire Democratic gubernatorial candidates both call for marijuana legalization.

Where West Virginia Sen. Manchin stands on cannabis legalization. Louisiana top banking regulator seeks ‘safe harbor’ for banking marijuana industry. Marijuana legalization in New Mexico: Where does the conversation currently stand?

Is Anheuser-Busch next to strike a deal with the cannabis industry? Pot firms’ surge more after Constellation remarks. Cannabis stocks rally anew as analysts cheer latest tie-ups in growing sector. Legal marijuana: The $9 billion industry that most banks won’t touch.

As Canada legalization nears, the hardest marijuana question for universities is edibles. Ahead of marijuana legalization, Health Canada is shifting its stance on weed. Mexico will follow Canada lead on cannabis, former president predicts.

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  1. It would be a shame if NJ legalization got hung up because the bill fails to mandate racial balancing in licenses. We don't do that for any other business license. I'm not sure what purpose licenses serve anyway, other than reinforce the notion that nothing should ever happen without permission from a bureaucrat.

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