Cannabis News Round-Up

Many California marijuana products failing safety tests. Los Angeles launches crackdown on unlicensed marijuana businesses; more than 500 people are charged. Legal medical marijuana stores could start opening up in Fresno. Pro-law enforcement group releases study on impact of legal marijuana in ColoradoColorado warns New Mexico about consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana. In New Mexico Senate race, Heinrich joins Johnson in call to legalize cannabis.

Michigan marijuana proposal support high. 5 things to know about Michigan proposal to legalize marijuana. Board sets final language for proposal to legalize Michigan recreational pot. Legalization of marijuana in North Dakota. Group forms to fight against legalizing North Dakota marijuana. Indiana farmers need industrial hemp or legal marijuana to prosper.

New Jersey marijuana legalization is picking up momentum. Most New Jersey residents say they’d go for legal weed if it means lower property taxes, poll shows. New Jersey urban mayors want increased focus on social justice aspect of marijuana legalization. Marijuana legalization listening sessions begin in New YorkNew York marijuana should not be legalized. Health benefits, economic growth cited as reasons to legalize New York marijuana.

Here’s a gateway ETF to invest in the eventual explosion of legal marijuana. Alcohol companies are seeing green in weed. Top Trump health official signals support for marijuana decriminalizationCongress should recognize states’ rights on cannabis. US has a marijuana legalization catch-22 on its hands.Price Elasticity of Illegal vs Legal Cannabis: A Behavioral Economic Substitutability Analysis. Availability of Legalized Cannabis Reduces Demand for Illegal Cannabis among Canada Cannabis Users: Evidence from a Behavioral Economic Substitution Paradigm.

What happens to US when pot’s legal in Canada? CBP officers prepare for Canada marijuana legalization. Canada marijuana users, workers and investors risk lifetime border ban. Canada marijuana legalization expected to cost Winnipeg $1.76M. Canada medical marijuana system will continue after legalization, says Health Canada. How Canada medical marijuana is opening the door to recreational cannabis. British Columbia municipalities seek 40 per cent of tax revenue from legal marijuana. Vancouver School Board educating youth about marijuana ahead of legalization.

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