Cannabis News Round-Up

There could be more delays to Massachusetts marijuana law. New Massachusetts pot law needs minor fixes, not big delays. Massachusetts is banking on the pot industry. Massachusetts Treasurer Deb Goldberg on marijuana legalization. New Hamphire cops worry about impact of Massachusetts pot law.

Recount for Maine‘s Question 2 withdrawn. Investors bet Maine legal marijuana will boost warehouse rents.

California legalized marijuana setting scores of defendants free. California treasurer to study legal marijuana and banking. The Tax Man Cometh: California ponders legal pot, paying up.

What does a Trump Administration mean for legal marijuana? Trump adds another marijuana opponent to his Cabinet. Obama says marijuana should be treated like “cigarettes or alcohol.” Former Washington Attorney General says “it’s possible” feds will raid pot shops when Trump takes power. County attorney in Arizona calls on Trump to end medical marijuana “charade.” Activists fear a battle ahead with Sessions.

Canadian public will have to wait for much-anticipated task force report on legalizing pot. Marijuana advocates skeptical about Canada‘s path to legal pot. Trudeau’s lead on legalizing marijuana lobbied during cash-for-access fundraiser. Canadian recreational pot sales could reach $6 billion by 2021. Eight burning questions about the coming Canadian pot report. Planning to grow legal pot in Canada? Check real estate rules first. Canadian flower growers turn to weed ahead of pot legalization. Canada may face marijuana shortage when it’s legalized. Alberta to be home to ‘world’s largest’ legal marijuana grow operation. Canada‘s reefer madness reaches new heights as rivals merge.

With Oregon legal pot, warehouses cash in on rent. Oregon strict pot rules hurting fledgling industry.

Could Colorado legal pot help solve homeless epidemic? Murkowski to feds: Let Alaskan marijuana users buy guns. Alaska collecting first tax deposits from pot businesses. Inside story on how Texas advocates are mobilizing for marijuana reform. South Dakota marijuana advocates hope to blaze effective path to legalization. Countdown to Nevada legal pot: Not everything will be legal.

Vice: The challenges facing legal weed in America. RAND: The legal marijuana middle ground. Is transporting marijuana legally between states still a pipe dream? Cannabis real estate company hits Wall Street with a whimper in downsized IPO.