Cannabis News Round-Up

California governor appoints members to new cannabis permit appeals panel. More California kids are having pot-related health scares, poison control officials warn. California marijuana festivals, and businesses that benefit from them, are hurting now that cannabis is legal. Illegal pot shops disrupt California budding legal market. Colorado survey suggests legal marijuana is attracting homeless people.

What Michigan needs to learn from Colorado legalized marijuana. Wisconsin voters will weigh in on marijuana legalization this November. It’s time for North Dakota to legalize pot. Initiative to legalize marijuana in Arizona fails to qualify for ballot.

Mariana Islands marijuana bill sent back to Senate.

First Massachusetts retail marijuana shop hopes to start sales within. weeks. Massachusetts towns need to stop stalling on marijuana rules. Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but the feds are still looking to prosecuteVermont becomes 9th state to legalize recreational marijuana. Campaign to legalize marijuana launched by top New Hampshire Democrat in state Senate.

Federal law? State law? Which takes precedence when you want to travel with cannabis? Defeat of marijuana banking bill will hurt job growth and economy. The US stopped other countries from legalizing weed for generations. Democrats still haven’t figured out that legal weed is a winning issue. Could legal marijuana tip the Senate for Democrats? With high rates of marijuana poisonings, dogs getting high is no laughing matter. Marijuana politics evolving in red states.

When marijuana is legal in Canada, Americans are expected to flock. But the border, and US law, stands in the way. Canada governments making marijuana legalization needlessly complicated. Legal marijuana is coming to Canada and investors catch the buzz. Mexico next Interior Secretary will push for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Brazil lawmaker puts marijuana legalization on the table. Will Lebanon legalize marijuana? Minister says it could be a $1 billion industry.