Cannabis News Round-Up

Anchorage, Alaska considers increasing marijuana sales tax as consumers clamor for cannabis. Citing black market competitive advantages, Alaska legal marijuana industry pushes for tax reform.

On eve of Massachusetts marijuana legalization, impaired driving panel just getting started. What changes should Boston expect from legal recreational marijuana?With Massachusetts marijuana sales set to begin, employers grapple with drug tests. Massachusetts marijuana won’t be legal on July 1, and here’s why. Former Massachusetts public safety official to head pot company. Alcohol: A roadmap for marijuana in Massachusetts. New Vermont marijuana law leaves medical patients with conflicting rules.

Can New Jersey effort to legalize pot find a way through the expungement maze?

These seven US mayors want pot removed from federal list of illegal drugs. Let’s not pour gasoline on the marijuana legalization dumpster fire. With box of chocolates, hotel workers didn’t know they were getting pot edibles.

Trump looks to trade cannabis legalization for Justice Department nomineesSessions struggles to get planned marijuana crackdown going. Thank you, Jeff Sessions, for inadvertently kickstarting Congress’ effort to legalize marijuanaBanks take on Sessions over legalized pot. On marijuana, Elizabeth Warren discovers she agrees with Clarence Thomas. How Republican Cory Gardner changed Trump’s position on pot. Expect fully legal weed within 5 years, says former top pharma lobbyist and Congressman. On legal weed, let states tend their own gardens. Tax court again denies deductions of state-legal marijuana facility. Marijuana banking measure rejected by Congressional committee.

Trudeau is legalizing Canada weed, but it hasn’t been pretty. Canada pot legalization battle brewing as government rejects key Senate change. Canada Feds accept most, not all Senate amendments to marijuana bill. Quebec passes long-awaited cannabis lawCanada marijuana firms warned to play by the rules after legalization. Head of Canada legalization task force urges licensed cannabis producers to be cautious. Many Canada workplaces not ready for legal marijuana.

Five Danish political parties support legalization of cannabis. Uruguay struggling to meet demand for legal marijuana.