Cannabis News Round-Up

Canada moves closer to approving legal marijuana after Senate approves legislation. One Canada party is dreading marijuana legalization: the Marijuana party. Canada feds avert delay of pot legalization with promises to Indigenous senators. All eyes on Canada as first G7 nation prepares to make marijuana legal. Pot delivery services could be ‘cockroaches’ of Canada marijuana legalization, experts say. System for enforcing Canada recreational marijuana remains hazy. Why Canada marijuana legalization will likely include bans on home grows. Canada brewers want you to pay more in marijuana taxesCanada marijuana legalization comes one step closer as Senate committee adds amendments to Bill C-45. Pot retailer MedMen has 12 shops, a $1.6-billion valuation and, coming soon, Canadian stockUS Customs gears up for Ontario legalization of potAlberta poised to lead Canada retail cannabis sector amid impending federal legalization. Saskatchewan selects 51 marijuana retailers in advance of legalization.

Legal weed in New Jersey could be doomed for now by risky move in TrentonNew Jersey legislation would legalize marijuana, expand medical pot. Legal weed bill would permit 218 dispensaries in New Jersey. Could New York be the next state to legalize marijuana? New York to release report on marijuana legalization.

Massachusetts inching closer to first legal marijuana shops. Will Massachusetts recreational marijuana stores help or hurt medical marijuana patients?

New Hampshire Democrats move toward agreement on platform call to legalize marijuana.Marijuana legalization could be key issue for Florida Democrats. How Congress is trying to make weed legal. Bipartisan Senate agreement reached to protect state-legal marijuana programs.

Group wants to legalize recreational pot in Ohio, erase criminal records. Michigan voters will decide marijuana legalization after Legislature fails to act. Why pro-pot advocates are happy Michigan didn’t just legalize weed. North Carolina bills would legalize possessing up to 4 ounces of marijuana for personal use.

New numbers reveal the marijuana industry boom has only just begun. Foreign cartels embrace home-grown marijuana in pot-legal states. More teens than ever would try marijuana.

Creating a legal marijuana market in the UK could offset the entire NHS deficit.

Some California hospitals report uptick in ER visits for marijuana. California illegal pot grows spread deadly pesticides, other hazards, despite change in law. California, US team up on divisive issue: marijuana. Easy entry into Oregon legal pot market means huge surplusColorado marijuana millionaires still thriving thanks to legal pot.