Cannabis News Round-Up

A lot less pot is being sold in California than initially estimated, analyst says. Why Colorado black market for marijuana is booming 4 years after legalization. Deschutes County, Oregon marijuana review brushes up against state agencies. Oregon has major pot overproduction. Why legalization isn’t necessarily a boon for Washington craft cannabis producers.

New York keeps inching closer to marijuana legalizationNew York City mayor preparing city for marijuana legalization, instructs NYPD to halt arrests. Medical marijuana expansion could be steppingstone to recreational legalization in New York.Poll finds New Mexico increasing support for legalization of marijuana.

Michigan legislators may take legal marijuana decision out of voter hands. GOP bid to pass, then amend Michigan pot plan gains support. Milwaukee, Wisconsin board approves marijuana legalization referendum on November election ballot.

Joint effort: cannabis lobby heads to DC. Could legal marijuana solve West Virginia‘s teacher and budget woes?

Legalize pot, but don’t normalize it. Measuring marijuana addiction awareness, before and after it is legal. Federal law leaves marijuana in a no-fly zone. Why the marijuana industry wants friends like John Boehner. Even with legalized marijuana, organized crime isn’t going away.

About 22 per cent of Nova Scotians plan to buy marijuana once it’s legal. New Zealand may vote on marijuana legalization in 2019.

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