Cannabis News Round-Up

Heading into critical midterms, Democrats turn over new leaf on marijuana. DEA chief’s congressional testimony about legal marijuana angered some, baffled many. Another member of the Kennedy family is speaking out against marijuana legalization. Make money from marijuana? Forget about a federally subsidized loan. Bags of cash and stealthy deliveries: How pot start-ups pay taxes. Despite legalization, marijuana black market hides in plain sight. How the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports gambling will pave the way for marijuana legalization. Why anti-marijuana group wants Michigan to legalize weed.

California‘s new budget says pot revenue is “slower than anticipated.” New study highlights the social impacts of cannabis legalization in CaliforniaCalifornia deadly pot-related crash added to list of tragedies in other cannabis-friendly states. Legal marijuana has arrived in western Alaska.

How expensive will legal marijuana be in Massachusetts when retail stores open. Can Massachusetts become a leader in marijuana research? Marijuana legalization bill introduced in Rhode Island. Ahead of marijuana legalization, entrepreneurs see all sorts of opportunities in Vermont.

New Jersey and legalized marijuana: National model or petri dishNew Jersey marijuana legalization: We went west to show you what life is like with legal weed. New Jersey holds final public hearing on legalizing marijuana. Nixon backs off referring to New York legalized pot as “reparations”. Legalizing marijuana in New York could create a $3.1 billion marketDe Blasio fears “corporatization” of pot if it’s New York legalized.

Will marijuana soon be legal in Pennsylvania? Governor says not so fast. Pittsburgh mayor supports legalizing recreational marijuana. Ohio certifies marijuana legalization petition.

Most in Georgia now say recreational marijuana should be legal. Texas needs new strategy to pass marijuana legalization, advocate says. Marijuana could be legal in Kansas next year, says gubernatorial candidate. Legal marijuana illegally crossing into Arkansas.

Marijuana legalization puts Canadian citizens at risk of lifetime bans to enter U.S. Canadian Conservative staffer fired after urging senators to delay vote on marijuana legalization bill. Legal marijuana spurs demand for commercial real estate in Alberta.

Italy’s legal marijuana loophole.

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