Cannabis News Round-Up

Trump administration has found a new way to crack down on legal weed. 74% of Americans support bill protecting legal marijuana states. Marijuana taxes are helping states balance their budgets.

On the hill and the trail, Democrats want to push pot legalization. Not all Democrats running to be Maryland governor support legalizing marijuana. Michigan GOP lawmakers contemplate tying marijuana legalization to income tax cut. Marijuana legalization, war on drugs emerge as issues in Texas senate raceSenator Feinstein says she no longer opposes legal marijuana.

Maine lawmakers override veto of legal marijuana rules. Effort to revive full Vermont cannabis legalization flames out. Connecticut legalized marijuana forum draws doctors, experts.

New Jersey legal weed market poised to explode, investors told as medical marijuana expands. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Neptune, NJ not sure if it will join Asbury Park with legal weed. Why New Jersey governor took so long to fess up to pot-smoking past. Murphy’s New Jersey legal weed initiative dangerous public policy.

Cannabis tax faces little formal opposition in Santa Barbara Co. CaliforniaSanta Barbara leads California in the number of permits to legally grow marijuana. Brewery chief says Oregon legal marijuana played role in craft beer slowdown.

Oklahoma group cleared to collect signatures to put recreational pot on ballot. 63% of New York residents support legalizing marijuana.

Vote on marijuana legalization may be the easiest part of creating new industry. Legal marijuana opponents say federal law blocks research. Director of National Institute on Drug Abuse offers words of caution on marijuana. From vegan gummies to cannabis teas, marijuana edibles are becoming the newest product in the “wellness” market. Marijuana edibles on a rocky road to food safety assurances. Why U.S. will regret legalizing marijuana. Will mounting political support for legal marijuana usher in banking solutions?

Trudeau won’t say if Liberals will delay Canada cannabis legalization. Trudeau vows Canada cannabis will be legal by summer as senators urge delay. Canada real estate association calls for moratorium on homegrown marijuana. Canada senate aboriginal peoples committee calls for delaying cannabis legalization. Canada legalization means new questions for policeBritish Columbia municipalities grapple with regulating legalized marijuana. China presses Canada over illicit marijuana imports.

Colombia sees billion-dollar bonanza from legacy of marijuana trade.