Cannabis News Round-Up

Why New Jersey legal weed plan went off the rails and how it can be saved. These New Jersey residents took their campaign against legal weed to Washington on 4/20. New Jersey Attorney General says law enforcement preparing for legalization of recreational marijuana.

Potential Democratic 2020 contenders are rushing to back marijuana legalization. Democrats say looser marijuana laws attract young voters, and some Republicans are catching on. Leaning to the center, Democratic Alabama gubernatorial candidates express concerns over legalization of recreational marijuana. Maryland Democrats running for governor embrace marijuana.

Before California cities were anti-sanctuary, they were anti-cannabis. Some California cities want Amsterdam-style pot lounges, push limits of marijuana legalization. California legal marijuana sales come in lower than expected. Legal marijuana and edibles dispensed by vending machine in Santa Cruz. Marijuana growers, manufacturers have yet to get the green light from Los Angeles.

Nevada marijuana dispensaries still finding their niche. Colorado governor won’t rule out banning marijuana again. Tons of legal marijuana leave Oregon regulators awash in data. Michigan marijuana legalization petition signatures approved by state board. Illinois speaker hasn’t made final decision on legal marijuana issue. Massachusetts mayor wants marijuana to fund schools [podcast].

Legalization is bad for marijuana pricing—right now, pot stocks look expensive. Could big tobacco become big cannabis as marijuana business soars? How well funded are marijuana startups? Legal marijuana businesses deserve better than to be treated as potentially criminal enterprises. Legal marijuana’s big moment. Why legal marijuana is abandoning weed’s old slangSupport for legal marijuana hits all-time high.

Canada and U.S. pot firms cross borders to raise money in battle for dominance. The red flags ahead of Canada marijuana legalization. British Columbia introduces new legislation to deal with marijuana legalization.

Marijuana moguls optimistic about legalization of recreational cannabis in  AustraliaLegalizing Australia marijuana is a lot more complex than you might think.

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