Cannabis News Round-Up

The great California cannabis experiment lurches forward. Weed bank proposal passes first legislative hurdle in California. The newest threat to California redwoods isn’t what you’d think. Alaska legislature urges federal government to back off legal marijuana.

Cannabis industry not king in Colorado economy. Hike in retail marijuana tax is part of Denver plan to turbo-charge its $15 million-a-year affordable housing fund. Marijuana delivery bill dies in Colorado senate committee. Current marijuana use by industry and occupation—Colorado, 2014–2015. Clatsop County Oregon looks to marijuana sales tax.

Maine lawmakers send pot sales bill to Governor, who vows to veto it. DC biggest pot proselytizer moves to Maryland to take on his nemesis. If Illinois legalizes marijuana, what happens to pot-sniffing dogs? Legalized marijuana push in Utah, Oklahoma shows change in feeling on marijuana in U.S. Legal marijuana gets new support in New York with backing of Public Advocate. Almost two-thirds of Texas voters support legal recreational marijuana.

Trump says he’ll support protections for legal marijuana. Here’s what politicians and cannabis insiders are saying. Trump is backing off the marijuana fight. But Sessions is not. How legal weed reached a tipping point in the Trump era. Hold the applause on Trump’s promises on pot. Sen. Gardner shares details of marijuana deal forged with Trump. Based on Boehner’s reversal, pot politics can depend on when you ask. Sen. Schumer just says yes to marijuana legalization–but not quite. It’s up to Republicans to legalize marijuana.

Legalized marijuana movement grows, but federal resistance is holding the sector back. Legalized marijuana looks like bad news for highway safety. Legal weed companies could rake in billions. So why don’t people want to work for them? Marijuana legalization can’t fix mass incarcerationAmericans support legal marijuana–but states don’t agree on how to regulate it. Is it too late to stop the rise of Marijuana, Inc.?  The new 4/20: Beyond legalizing it.

Some cities try to put brakes on rush to Canada marijuana legalization. Health experts warn educators to ramp up readiness for Canada pot legalization. Saskatchewan municipalities to follow federal framework for marijuana legalization.

UK Greens propose full legalization of cannabis. Is Australia ready to legalize marijuana? Not yet, it seems.