Cannabis News Round-Up

California marijuana legalization comes with legal reprieves. Medical marijuana is legal in California. Except when it’s not. California town looking to cash in on growth in legal marijuana.

Prohibition of pot use in Nevada casinos likely to continue. Massachusetts pot shops may be delayed to mid-2018. Two men from legal marijuana states sentenced for pot in Idaho. Legal marijuana already on the table again in Arizona. Why Arizona lawmakers should legalize marijuana. As neighbors legalize marijuana, New Hampshire advocates see opening for decriminalization. RAND Corporation Report: Insights for other jurisdictions from analysis of Vermont legalization possibilities.

Sessions appointment sparks fears among legal pot advocates. States fear what Trump means for legal marijuana laws. Sessions could scrap policy memorandum allowing protecting state-legalized marijuana. Editorial: Marijuana legalization should be up to the states.

Forbes: Legalized marijuana could drive a new tech boom. Legal marijuana poses new problems for employee drug testing. Some companies trying to make pot growing a green industry using LED lights. Why projecting marijuana use after legalization is so difficult. Alcohol industry ponders effect of cannabis legalization.

Marijuana is becoming a billion-dollar business in Canada; now all it has to do is become legal. Canada can learn how to legalize pot from America’s example. What’s in your pot in Canada?

United Kingdom could be forced to consider marijuana legalization. United Kingdom should legalize marijuana and make $1.3 billion a year in tax revenue, report finds.