Cannabis News Round-Up

Alaska House passes resolution against federal marijuana laws. Legal pot sales could come to Pasadena, California soon. But on who’s terms? Oakland embraces marijuana sales. Compton bans them. How is justice best served? Humboldt, California outlaw weed comes into the light. Colorado should allow marijuana tasting rooms.

Second New Hampshire legislative hearing sees overwhelming support for marijuana legalization. Liquor Commission says it could regulate recreational pot if New Hampshire makes it legal. Hazy forecast for legalizing recreational marijuana use in Connecticut. Licensing looms as next step toward legal marijuana in Massachusetts.

2 competing marijuana legalization bills in New Jersey leave state divided. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Is home grow too much, too soon with legal weed? New Jersey marijuana legalization prospects have lawyers getting serious about weed. As New Jersey heads toward marijuana legalization, New York may soon follow. New York could rake In $500 million a year with legal marijuana. How a federal judge in Philadelphia could blow up the marijuana business.

New Mexico Democratic Party backs marijuana legalizationIllinois gubernatorial candidates differ on marijuana legalization.

Against a weed industry. How to try edible cannabis without feeling like you’re going to die. How will you know if there’s e coli in your marijuana? No one’s figured out how to test and regulate it yet.

Canada details packaging rules ahead of marijuana legalization. Canada government illustrated a legal weed farm’s size with a hockey rinkCanada marijuana legalization creates budding demand for retail space.

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  1. That E. coli link is just clickbait. How do you know there's not radium in your yogurt?

    Pesticides, sure. Mold even, maybe. But E. coli? Not until cannabis is grown outdoors by agribusiness using lots of low-SES manual labor, who aren't given bathroom breaks so they have to poop in the crop.

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