Cannabis News Round-Up

California considers lower taxes on pot to help new legal industry compete with black market. California threatens Weedmaps over promotion of illegal cannabis shops. California legal marijuana forces police to get new K-9s.

The cannabinoid content of legal cannabis in Washington varies systematically across testing facilities and popular consumer products. Another vacancy arises on Alaska Marijuana Control BoardAlaska Senate refuses to hear measure on marijuana policy. Big wages paid by Colorado marijuana industry eating into restaurant hiring pool. Founder of Green Man Cannabis plans massive Colorado expansion. Pueblo, Colorado pot study shows impact of legalization. Pueblo, Colorado police chief: Definite link between homeless, marijuana.

Businesses sprout up to support Massachusetts marijuana industry. Connecticut lawmakers hold hearing on legalizing marijuana.

New Jersey governor wants legal weed law by end of year. A new legal weed plan allows for hundreds of dispensaries across New Jersey. Decriminalizing weed instead of legalizing it won’t happen, New Jersey Senate president says. New Jersey police chiefs oppose legal marijuana — no good test for it, danger to drivers. Delaware marijuana task force votes to release final report amid more confusion.

Illinois governor candidates at odds on marijuana use. How Utah fits into the nationwide debate.

Wholesale cannabis prices tumbled in 2017—and they have yet to hit rock bottom. Marijuana laws slowly impact industrial real estate. Fledgling cannabis industry struggles to woo the starsSessions shines some light on marijuana enforcement.

Legal marijuana age will be 19 in Saskatchewan.

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