Cannabis News Round-Up

They used to get free or low-cost marijuana to help with their cancer in California. Not anymore. A rural California county legalized marijuana farms. It took their tax money–then voted to ban them. Can Los Angeles start a public pot bank? City study says costs could be “exorbitant.” Los Angeles has already netted millions in permitting fees from legalized marijuana shops. Home pot delivery is cool, but California taxes and regulations are still onerous. Nevada gaming officials, industry take safe route on marijuana.

DC—and Congress—block public vote on legalizing marijuana sales.

Four key changes to Massachusetts marijuana regulations, now that rules are finalized. Massachusetts pot lobbying reaches new high. Vermont lawmakers propose bill limiting marijuana odorVermont considering saliva test, but not a legal limit, for drugged driving. What Maine clients get if they pay for delivery: free pot. How should Rhode Island legalize marijuana: asking the right questions.

Governor’s play for New Jersey legal weed is no “slam dunk” as marijuana opponents rally. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Businesses don’t need weed license to make money. New Jersey lawmakers weigh legalizing marijuana. Push for legal weed in New Jersey will be met with new legislative proposals. New Jersey path to legal marijuana could take a turn. Mayor envisions pot-friendly zones in Atlantic City if New Jersey legalizes marijuana. Legalized pot in New Jersey-not so fast. Want to make big money in legal weed? These jobs may soon be coming to New Jersey.

4 reasons why recreational marijuana has a shot in Arizona.

Dennis Kucinich, candidate for Ohio governor, says legalizing marijuana can help with opioid crisis. New studies show that legal cannabis access reduces opioid abuse. Michigan voters support marijuana legalization. Don’t get too excited about Illinois legalization ballot question. Sessions says despite rules change federal prosecutors will not take ‘”small marijuana cases.”

Alaska monthly cannabis tax revenue topped $1 million for first time in January. Fairbanks, Alaska looks to add marijuana regulations. A tribe in Oregon sees hope with marijuana. Oregon lawmakers target black market marijuana by boosting beleaguered law enforcement agencies. Aurora, Colorado neighbors looking for solutions to illegal marijuana grows.

States mull sanctuary status for marijuana businesses. Don’t legalize marijuana, UN drug enforcement board warns countries.

Companies should assess their marijuana policies before Canada legalization. Who else will like Canada marijuana legalization? EconomistsCanada legal cannabis could crash the alcohol giants’ party, analyst says. What can Canada learn from Amsterdam ahead of marijuana legalizationOntario promises to give municipalities $40M for enforcement of legal marijuana.

Colombia’s new, legal drug lords hope to sell medical marijuana to the world.