Cannabis News Round-Up

Nevada makes $30 million in marijuana taxes during first six months of sales. Cut the red tape for legal marijuana growers in California. How legal marijuana could change California economyCalifornia‘s real impact on the battle to legalize marijuana. After California legalization, Dr. Dre’s weed man is thriving. Tribes cut out of California pot market might grow their own. Los Angeles pot czar cares who cashes in on legal weed. Marijuana boosts Los Angeles coffers, more revenue than expected.

Oregon regulators ask for more money to police legal weed. Oregon officials struggle to identify which cannabis sites are legal. Colorado governor says DOJ wants to “sow doubt” on marijuana. Colorado activist group claims issues legal marijuana was supposed to solve have increased. In Colorado, legal pot increases housing values.

Worcester, Massachusetts zoning regulations proposed for marijuana establishments. Rhode Island voters could weigh in on legalization. Rhode Island recreational marijuana legalization takes a blow with commission recommendation delay.

Bill to legalize recreational marijuana reigniting debate in Maryland. It’s not whether Maryland will legalize marijuana but when. Black lawmakers see nightmare vision of New Jersey high on legal weed. Some urge New Jersey to slow the rush toward legal weed. New Jersey towns taking a wait-and-see attitude on weed.

Illinois voters could be asked in November about legalizing marijuana. Pot busts spike along Wisconsin highway, suggesting drug is coming from weed-legal states. Fear of Oklahoma recreational marijuana legalization apparently prompts move to curb initiative petitions.

Legal cannabis industry poised for big growth, in North America and around the world. Sensing big bucks, tobacco companies pivot toward marijuana. Pot parties: how legalized weed is fueling new kinds of fun. Judge rejects lawsuit seeking to legalize marijuana nationwide. Legal weed might be getting pedestrians killed, study finds.

Canada military wrestling with marijuana legalization.

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  1. Does decriminalization make sense compared to legalization? Seems to me it would increase demand and make dealing more profitable, while leaving the industry unregulated and untaxed. Almost the worst of both worlds.

    1. Maybe you didn't mean "the worst of both worlds" literally, because it is obvious that the current system of imprisoning people is the worst.

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