Cannabis News Round-Up

California licensed pot sellers want the state to crack down on illegal competitors. Are you getting California marijuana delivered to you? If so, it’s probably illegal. California police want to understand marijuana users better. So they’re watching them get high. Bill would boost privacy for California marijuana customers. LAPD cracks down on illegal marijuana shops, arresting dozens. But there could be hundreds more.

Colorado newspaper launches new attack on marijuana. Colorado black market marijuana busts nearly quadruple under recreational legalization. Colorado senator to stop blocking some DOJ jobs over pot.

Massachusetts pot regulators face decision on social consumption. Massachusetts legislator: pot regulations violate pot law. What’s next for New Hampshire bill to legalize marijuana? New Hampshire marijuana legalization debate continues at State Capitol.

Delaware marijuana legalization panel issues draft report. New Jersey legal marijuana foes offer a compromise: Decriminalize it. New York bill to legalize marijuana gets pushed. Connecticut legal marijuana will receive public hearing.

Bipartisan bill offered in House to protect marijuana users in legal weed states. Koch brothers criticize Trump administration over legal pot.
Democrats forming marijuana legalization consensus. The next Democratic president will legalize weed.

Coors Brewing Co. calls legal marijuana a “risk factor” for its beer business.

Canada government still not ready to launch marijuana legalization. Potential delay in legalization doesn’t faze top pot producer in CanadaAlberta expects 250 cannabis stores will open in first year of legalization. Quebec welcomes delayed timeline for legal marijuana. Mixed feelings for Maritimers over delay of Canada cannabis legalization.