Cannabis News Round-Up

The Great Pot Monopoly Mystery.

California chief marijuana regulator predicts more issues with supplySan Francisco allows pot-smoking lounges. Is Sacramento next? L.A. County supervisors seek plan to clear and reduce marijuana convictions.

Washington marijuana industry is having technical difficulties, please stand by. Tacoma, Washington first pot store closed for owing $1.4 million in back taxes. Oregon regulators lax in monitoring pot industry. Marijuana tax collections in Alaska tumble again.

Colorado sold over $1.5 billion of legal marijuana in 2017. Denver cannabiz-focused credit union gets ok from Federal Reserve—with conditions. Colorado senator siege of DOJ over marijuana enters second month. Colorado wants to know why some marijuana users choose to drive while stoned. Recreational marijuana sales highest per capita in Colorado southern border towns. Unless you’re a citizenColorado legal marijuana isn’t for you. GOP candidate offers stark weed warnings, but nobody’s promising a crackdown in Colorado. Marijuana advertising lawsuitColorado should treat pot more like alcohol.

Immediately allowing marijuana cafes and theaters is “irresponsible” and “dangerous,” Massachusetts district attorneys say.

New Ohio marijuana legalization proposal reportedly making headway.

Full legalization? And other marijuana-related bills being considered by Maryland legislators. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Menendez tells Trump hands off our weed. New Jersey towns ban weed sales. Toms River shelves weed sales ban.

Lawsuit takes aim at Trump administration marijuana policy. Sessions attacks GOP senator over marijuana. One month after Sessions marijuana memo, where do US attorneys stand on legal weed? Kirsten Gillibrand signs onto Cory Booker’s marijuana legalization bill.

For the legal cannabis trade, some new wrinkles: Older users. Marijuana will be “way bigger” than craft beer, brewer tells cannabis industry leaders. When does too much cash become a health risk? When you own a marijuana shop. Why Facebook still hates legal marijuana businesses.

Canada marijuana producers enter retail race as legalization looms.
Large employers want mandatory drug testing as part of Canada marijuana legalization. Pot brands race to claim retail dominance in budding Canada marijuana landscape. Saskatchewan police anticipate legal marijuana will cost at least $1.2M annually. What did 15,000 in Alberta have to say about legalizing marijuana?

Could the Netherlands become the first EU country to legalize cannabis?


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