Cannabis News Round-Up

The first state-licensed adult-use cannabis dispensaries are now open in Los Angeles. Small California pot farms sue state over rules allowing multi-acre cultivation.When Reagan’s war on pot came to California.

Vermont is the first state to legalize marijuana through legislature. Vermont governor signs marijuana bill with “mixed emotions.” Vermont unfinished marijuana legalization. Marijuana legalization is succeeding and other states should follow Vermont example.Maine lawmakers — and voters — still hope to legalize recreational marijuana. Massachusetts could become a pot sanctuary.

New Jersey efforts to legalize weed may hit another Trump administration roadblock. Leave us alone on legal weed, New Jersey Congressman tells Sessions. US Attorney vague on how he’d deal with legal weed in New Jersey.

Illinois lawmakers hold hearing on marijuana legalization. Activist aim for legislation decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Most US Attorneys in states with legal pot don’t seem to be planning a crackdown.

Colorado congressmen butt heads on spending bill amendment to protect state-legal marijuana.

How Congress is uniting to stop Sessions’ war on drugs. Sessions takes aim at legalized marijuana industry. Battle over legal marijuana: A monumental moment for states’ rights. The public really, really, really opposes current federal marijuana law. IRS collects billions in pot taxes, much of it in cash. About that joint: Marijuana start-ups pass.

Ontario seeks public feedback on allowing cannabis lounges as legalization looms.