Cannabis News Round-Up

People are dying from opioid overdoses, not marijuana, says fed prosecutor in Massachusetts. Why Vermont legal weed law is going to disappoint stoners.

After California legal pot shops’ cannabis caches go up in smoke, what’s next? Timing of cannabis company’s donation to Baldwin Park, California councilwoman raises questions. California growers association sues state over large-scale marijuana farms.

North Slope, Alaska police chief named to marijuana board. Alaska marijuana testing labs being audited. Colorado Senator to Trump: Don’t crack down on pot. New York governor hopeful seeks to save subway system by legalizing pot. 5 weed lessons from the New Jersey cannabis symposium. Toms River, New Jersey plans to ban recreational weed sales.

The man campaigning to derail Michigan marijuana legalization makes his case.

As states legalize marijuana, investors see an opportunity. Legalized cannabis sales could be in the billions—if retail can smoke out the black market.Could Sessions’ marijuana policy shift benefit the cannabis industry in 2018? Cannabis growers in marijuana mega-merger. 60 percent of Americans now support marijuana legalization. Trump should back off of marijuana, 54 members of Congress write in letter.

Why we should stay focused on original policy objectives of legalizing Canada marijuana. Canada gives $1.4 million to research recreational marijuana use. What Canada plan for regulating legal marijuana gets wrong. It’s high times for pot deals in Canada ahead of legalization. Canada marijuana prices are falling before legalization.

With US competition hurting its marijuana business, Mexico warms a little to legalization. Legal weed in Mexico becomes new idea for curbing violence.

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