Cannabis News Round-Up

How legalization is already hurting California small pot farmers. Why California won’t necessarily grow (all) America’s marijuana. Mexican drug cartels may use legal marijuana to take over northern California. California cannabis crowd isn’t afraid of Sessions. California legal pot to test supply pipeline.

A marijuana edible and a cup of coffee? That soon could happen in Denver, Colorado. Colorado prosecutor sees ties between illegal pot sale murder and marijuana legalization. Sessions’ marijuana decision may not have immediate impacts in Colorado, but it has set off a political firestorm.

New Hampshire lawmakers approve marijuana legalization. Top Massachusetts politicians move cautiously on marijuana. Massachusetts US attorney: No immunity for legal marijuana businesses.

Alaska marijuana sales drop in November. Alaska marijuana control board chair explains resignation as marijuana shops react to Sessions memo.

Could recreational marijuana soon be legal in Ohio?

Recreational marijuana legalization: Do more youth use or do youth use more? Legal marijuana could generate $132 in federal tax revenues and 1 million new jobs. Where pot entrepreneurs go when the banks just say no. The best part of legal weed is erasing your criminal history.

Anger at Sessions misses bigger point; legal weed has always been a question for Congress. Sessions’ pot memo creates big decision for US attorneys. A look at prosecutors who will decide on marijuana crackdown. Sessions used to be a champion of states’ rights. Then California legalized weed. The superiority of a states’ rights approach to marijuana. Trump’s Republicans love states’ rights. So why the backlash on legalizing marijuana? Sessions’ unwise move on marijuana may backfire. The people Sessions’s marijuana directive could end up hurting the most. Sessions is wrong to fight progress of legal marijuana. Ron Paul: Sessions should be fired over marijuana decision. Congress: Seize the moment and legalize marijuana. It’s high time for new pot laws. If you don’t like Sessions’ marijuana decision, change the law. Sessions‘ endless war on marijuana.  Rescinding Cole memo one of eleven ways Trump may try to kill legal pot. Sessions rescinds Obama-era enforcement guidance: five observations.

Canada urged to consider environmental impacts of legal marijuana.