Cannabis News Round-Up

California new legal marijuana market marks the beginning of the end for prohibition. California proposal would make it a sanctuary state for marijuana. Could Sessions go after California booming weed industry? How to navigate new California recreational pot delivery laws. LAPD’s main worry about legal pot is stoned drivers. California is taxing the hell out of pot, but Washington is even greedier.

Vermont is on the verge of passing (limited) marijuana legalization. What legal marijuana means for water in western states. Democrats should get higher on weed in 2018.

Sessions escalates the federal war on marijuana. Sessions unleashes the hounds on pro-pot states. Sessions still is not leading a cannabis crackdown.Will Sessions make federalism go up in smoke? Did Sessions’ marijuana memo restore the rule of law? Department of Injustice. Blame the Supreme Court for letting the feds target legal state pot. Marijuana stocks tumble after Sessions announces pot crackdown. Why Sessions’ marijuana crackdown is going to make legalization more likely. Federal position on pot makes situation foggy, draws pushback. Did Sessions just increase the odds Congress will make marijuana legal? On marijuana, Sessions is a minor problem. Sessions is starting a futile war on cannabis. States undeterred by reversal of Obama’s lenient pot policy. Sessions can’t stop pot legalization. Trump administration’s new war on marijuana, explained. Sen. Booker says Sessions’ “obsession with marijuana” puts him “on the wrong side of history.” Fiery speech on pot spotlights Sen. Gardner.

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