Cannabis News Round-Up

Sessions will end policy that allowed legalized marijuana to prosper. Bob Dupont calls for mandatory drug testing amid increasing marijuana legalization. Record-high support for legalizing marijuana use. Legal marijuana industry could generate $40 billion in economic impact by 2021.

California launches first legal retail sales of marijuana. California wholesale pot prices plummet. 40-minute wait for newly legal California pot. California marijuana-tracking system not used. New marijuana ETF ablaze as California legalizes retail sales. Recreational marijuana use is now legal in California. Here come the ads. California legalization has Canada pot stocks smoking. California marijuana shops hope legalization expands market. How tech will help California now that pot is legal. Humboldt County, California gets the green light: How business is changing as America’s marijuana epicenter goes legal. How legalized marijuana is changing one California town.

Vermont legislature advances marijuana legalization. As Illinois legalized pot proposals grow, business stakes out its claims, concerns. Weed ban coming to New Jersey shore towns.

Australia plans legal cannabis exports to a lucrative world market.