Cannabis News Round-Up

Edibles scandal hits Alaska marijuana board. Colorado releases a trove of marijuana sales data. Following marijuana legalization, teen drug use is down in Colorado. Coffee shop wants to be first legal marijuana club in Denver.

California marijuana enters the buttoned-down mainstream — and pays taxes. California cannabis legalization will result in more policing. Study shows how county voting affected California cannabis legalization. California is one step closer to recreational pot sales. Yolo County, California considers banning commercial pot production, reversing on previous policy.

Massachusetts cannabis panel backs social use venues. Vermont governor “comfortable” legalizing marijuana in early 2018. Hartford, Connecticut council favors legal marijuana, advocates urge legislators to again debate issue.

Virginia congressman: Legal marijuana has “possibility to create jobs.”

Could Ohio lose exemption from marijuana prosecution? Legal marijuana proposal could be coming back to Ohio ballot. Question about legalizing marijuana could go on Cook County, Illinois ballots.

States tried decriminalizing pot before. Here’s why it didn’t work.What voters really mean when they say they support marijuana legalization. Civil conspiracy lawsuits may be next legal threat for marijuana businesses. Jeff Sessions wants to crack down on legal weed — will Congress let him? Legal marijuana sales to grow 33% to $10 billion in 2017.

Why it’s so hard to bet against Canada marijuana boom. Canada hydroponics companies expecting a flood of customers after marijuana is legalized. Canada legal marijuana deadline may be up in smoke as Tory senators stall bills. Canada indigenous leaders raise concerns over impact of legal marijuana on First Nations communities. Canada gives provinces bigger cut of pot tax from legalization. Canada will sell weed for $7.77 a gram, and will lose $544 million in the process. Ontario passes marijuana law, sets stage for government-run pot shops.

How Uruguay made legal highs work. Economic benefits of expected marijuana legalization in country of Georgia.

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  1. so much controversy in marijuana reform open your eyes everyone its comin and us as americans should kno the pros cons and such not to long ago alchol was the same alchol prohibition was crazy and now marijuana can prove beyond a doubt what is worse wake up america

    sincerly tracy stinson

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