Cannabis News Round-Up

California begins accepting permit applications for the sale of recreational marijuana. As California embraces legal marijuana, many cities and counties just say “no.” A weed wonderland in the California desert. Los Angeles power brokers of pot crank up the kook. By legalizing recreational marijuana sales, Los Angeles will “set the tone for the rest of the country.” Got a criminal record? Los Angeles might help you get into the pot biz — or ban you. Why California cannabis rules promise a bumpy ride.

Marijuana prices are plunging in Colorado and that could be bad news. Colorado October HIDTA report an eye-opener.

Massachusetts proposal would allow the social consumption of cannabis. Delaware panel continues talks on legalized marijuana.

Is Illinois ready for legal recreational marijuana use? Their governor isn’t.

Sessions hints at crackdown on recreational pot.

Why it’s getting easier for marijuana companies to open bank accounts. Marijuana businesses, excluded from finance, face unusual risks. What 3 marijuana heavyweights are doing to become the P&G of pot. New study says marijuana legalization reduces alcohol use. Medical marijuana took a bite out of alcohol sales. Recreational pot could take an even bigger one. How tax reform could push more states to legalize marijuana.

The user guide to legal pot in all Canadian provinces, territories. Former head of Canada drug squad now leads national marijuana business. Canada could make billions from legal pot. Legalization of marijuana unlikely to kill Canada black market right away. This is the formula Canada is using to figure out how legal weed will boost its economy. Survey says nearly half of Canadians want marijuana legalization delayed. Ontario says communities can’t say no to marijuana stores. Alberta municipalities grappling with legal weed. Nova Scotia will sell marijuana in liquor stores.

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