Cannabis News Round-Up

Sessions tells Congress he will not violate Obama-era legal protections for pot.

Marijuana could be legal in New Jersey as soon as April. A snag for legal marijuana in New Jersey? New Assembly speaker won’t commit. Marijuana legalization would force tough choice for New Jersey towns. How the price of weed in New Jersey could plunge if it’s legalized.

Banning California legal marijuana doesn’t stop illegal market. San Francisco strangely worried over weed as legal use nears.

Jeff Sessions’ guidance cited by Maine governor in his veto of legal marijuana bill. House committee rejects New Hampshire marijuana legalization bill.

Wisconsin governor candidate favors legalizing cannabis. Cash crunch holds up Michigan pot legalization push.

Budweiser’s ex-marketing chief sees weed as the new craft beer. Steep taxes on recreational marijuana are a powerful incentive for states to legalize. Marijuana legalization likely to favor large companies. Marijuana’s female pioneers are being pushed aside in the legal weed boom.

Canada provinces split on plans for legal marijuana sales. Cities fight for legal marijuana revenue as Canada reveals minimum $1 per gram tax. Quebec calls for one-year delay on legal marijuana. Nova Scotia to release minimum age and retail model by year’s end. Private legal marijuana stores, online government sales planned for Alberta.

This flower company is pushing for legal weed in Colombia. Two thirds of Germany against cannabis legalization, survey shows.