Cannabis News Round-Up

With Phil Murphy’s win, it’s “full steam ahead” for New Jersey legal marijuana. Public banks offer hope for marijuana businesses, but will they arrive in time?

Tom Tancredo: “Colorado experiment in liberty is working.” Longmont, Colorado voters approve pot tax, funding for new public safety spending.

Wanted: New Massachusetts marijuana inspector.

Push to legalize recreational pot in Illinois takes step forward. Cook County Board President signals support. Indiana prosecutors just say ‘no’ to legalizing marijuana.

California race to legal pot: A dispatch from the front lines. The California marijuana tax problem: Why prices could increase 70% in 2018. California treasurer wants the state to study a public bank option for pot businesses. California cities may tax destroyed cannabis crops.

There’s a buzz surrounding Constellation’s legal marijuana deal. How Big Alcohol learned to stop worrying and love marijuana. Marijuana companies weighing billboard advertising’s expense against the exposure. DEA finalizes quota of government-grown marijuana for 2018 research: 978 pounds. Pot legalization opponents are in a state of denial.

Haze around Canada legalized pot sales becomes clearer today. Ontario wants bigger cut of pot tax, expecting strong demand. Please don’t enjoy Ontario legal marijuana. Pot to be sold from private retail locations in Manitoba, supply handled by Liquor and Lotteries.