Cannabis News Round-Up

November 19, 2016

Legal pot won big at the ballot box last week. Now the real challenges start. Five immediate concerns for states with new marijuana laws. A public health framework for legalized retail marijuana based on the US experience: Avoiding a new tobacco industry.

Now what? A California dispensary owner, a scientist, a defense expert and a city manager reflect on the new pot law. Gateway to drugs? A California border city’s future in a legal pot world. The marijuana-initiative blunder that could cost California millions of dollars.

New Jersey lawmakers eye Colorado ballot question that scares pot industry. Colorado voters approve marijuana use in bars–but there’s a catch. Colorado offers tips to Massachusetts on coping with legal marijuana. Lawmaker discusses impact legalizing marijuana in Nevada will have on Utah. Legal marijuana sits close by most of Idaho‘s borders.

Lawmakers shouldn’t ‘dilly dally’considering revisions to new Massachusetts marijuana law. Massachusetts legal home-grown marijuana on track for December despite concerns.

Multiple marijuana legalization bills introduced in Texas. The tide turns on legalizing pot in Virginia. Maine opponents of legalized marijuana set to request recount, at cost of $500,000. Group pushes ballot proposal to legalize marijuana in Michigan for the 2018 ballot. 

Will President Trump legalize weed? Marijuana industry wary of Trump-Administration. Marijuana advocates wait for Trump’s stance on legalized cannabis. 

Legal marijuana expansion brings rush of business conferences. Legal pot poses a problem for gun buyers.

Support for marijuana legalization and predictors of intentions to use marijuana more often in response to legalization among US young adults.

Canada needs driver education before legalizing marijuana. 

Berlin to trial legal marijuana plan.

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  1. Can Trump's Justice Department, led by racist dinosaur Jeff Sessions, block state-level liberalization? Follow-up question: is the US headed for a nullification crisis with California, with pot, renewable energy, immigrants and car efficiency standards among the flashpoints?

  2. Im less nervous about Trump since I found he his son is part of a site called and I buy my weed there lol.

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