Cannabis News Round-Up

Majority of Republicans support marijuana legalization. Marijuana legalization is around the corner, says former Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele. Talk show host Hugh Hewitt lobbies Jeff Sessions to pursue federal marijuana crackdown. A former Blackrock executive is raising one of the biggest marijuana funds yet. Constellation breaks pot taboo, opens door for major brands.

Arizona recreational cannabis foe indicted in national opioid plot.

Up in smoke: Wildfires devastate California pot farmers, who must rebuild without banks or insurance. High taxes could drive up marijuana prices and bolster the black market in California. Confusion coming with California legal marijuana. Kern County, third largest in California, bans legal marijuana. With legal marijuana on its way, Palm Springs, California seeks to expand pot tax revenue.

What you need to know about Maine delayed pot law.

Where New Jersey candidates stand on legalizing marijuana. Senator Cory Booker has a message for pot smokers.

St. Louis marijuana bill throws Missouri legalization fight back into spotlight.

Legal marijuana sales keeping Colorado housing market blazing. Three men with three axes burglarize Seattle pot shop three times. Opponents of marijuana legalization warned of pot-laced Halloween candy. It never happened.

Rolling out Canada legal weed comes with a high price tag. Ontario municipalities will have say in government-run marijuana shop locations. British Columbia public survey on legalization ends in one week.