Cannabis News Round-Up

California still faces many hurdles in legalizing marijuana. Inside California scramble toward legal weed. Marijuana-related contracts get California blessing under new law. Fires threaten California first legal pot crop. California awaits direction on transporting legal marijuana. California marijuana grow houses account for 75% of US indoor plants seized. California will soon be able to buy marijuana; they need legal places to smoke it. Legal marijuana causes warehouse rent to skyrocket in Sacramento. With cannabis legalization around the corner, Los Angeles contemplates another dumb move.

Colorado law enforcement, community leaders hear impact of marijuana legalization. Pot turning Colorado to sh*t, says law group’s latest anti-weed screed.

Nevada has a legal marijuana shortage but still expects $120 million in new revenue.

Kentucky Governor says he will not allow legal marijuana. Arkansas again rejects marijuana legalization ballot attempt.

Northern Mariana Islands: a US Territory on its way to legalizing marijuana. As towns ban pot, states withhold legalization’s profits. 29 states have legal pot. Jeff Sessions wants to stamp it out, and he’s closer than you think. 11% of government employees in Washington, DC area have bought legal marijuana, survey suggests.

Want to study the business of marijuana? There’s a degree program for that. GreenMed, blockchain-based credit card processing company for legal marijuana announces several new breakthroughs.

Have Canadian marijuana stocks come too far too fast, ahead of legalization? Ontario is Canada‘s multibillion-dollar legal marijuana hub.

Could Africa be on the verge of a weed race?