Cannabis News Round-Up

Oregon begins distributing nearly $85M marijuana tax revenue. Colorado legal cannabis opponents unite.

California pot legalization brings a bonanza of government jobs. As the top pot-producing state in the nation, California could be on thin ice with the federal government. Here’s what the start of recreational marijuana sales in California will look like on January 1st. Legal marijuana likely to wait in most of California. San Diego legalizes local supply chain for marijuana.

Arkansas voters reject local bans on legalized marijuana. Arkansas communities weigh pot bans three years after legalization. Cook County, Illinois commissioner renews call to legalize marijuana. Could marijuana solve Kentucky pension crisis? Recreational marijuana in Utah? No, but legal weed will soon be an hour and a half away from Salt Lake City.

Massachusetts marijuana legal but not yet acceptable. Massachusetts legalization advocates warn of “Walmart Weed” and “Pabst Blue Ribbon” pot. Delaware panel weighs health, safety issues of legalized pot. CannaBusiness group finds growing support for New Jersey legalizing marijuana. Polls find voters in Pennsylvania and New Jersey support legal marijuana.

Support for marijuana legalization is higher than ever. So is the number of people getting arrested. French study: Legalizing marijuana can increase use. An obscure law from the 1970s may allow people to bring marijuana onto planes. These 11 words from Jeff Sessions should strike fear into the marijuana industry and stocks. Legal marijuana prices plummeting nationwide in 2017.

Canada wants 10 per cent pot tax. Trudeau’s plan for Canada marijuana tax catches premiers off guard. Canada provinces still struggling with pot regulation ahead of legalization. Legalization of marijuana in Canada doesn’t make it okay to drive stoned. Trudeau vowed to legalize marijuana across Canada by July. It hasn’t been that easy. Don’t expect Canada legal pot to cripple organized crime. Black market will thrive if Alberta government runs marijuana stores, says mid-level dealer. Alberta releases first draft of rules for legal consumption of marijuana. Alberta business owners anxious to see plan for legalized marijuana. Nova Scotia asks for feedback on legal marijuana age of 19, sales at Crown corporation. Dispensaries make British Columbia well-positioned for marijuana legalization.