Cannabis News Round-Up

(Legally) selling weed while black. Marijuana industry looks to get more women, minorities in the pot business. Can legal pot make you rich? Al Franken is evolving on marijuana. Sessions: marijuana still illegal.

Massachusetts towns seek to profit from pot industry. With marijuana, Maine should go ‘low and slow’. Majority of Pennsylvania voters support legalized marijuana.
If he runs for Florida governor, John Morgan would push pot legalization.

Cancer patients in Seattle, Washington encouraged by legalization to use pot. Washington is the only legal weed state that doesn’t allow home grows; that could change. Medford, Oregon cops say big pot bust just the tip of the problem. Denver, Colorado gets a little help from other states, nations as it hosts annual marijuana regulatory conference. Nevada Supreme Court to settle marijuana distribution fight. California unveils temporary licenses to allow early 2018 retail sales. Los Angeles, California is set to be a hot market for marijuana sales, but there might not be many places to smoke it.

Uruguay‘s historic marijuana legalization experiment.

How US border guards will behave in era of legal pot in Canada. Canada marijuana task-force member’s move to legal weed company raises conflict-of-interest concerns. As Canada legalization looms, Couche-Tard considers selling marijuana. Why Canada marijuana prohibition failed, and how legalization can succeed. Predicting Ontario legal pot market. Ontario considers price of $10 per gram in government stores for marijuana once it’s legalized next summer. Pot in Quebec may sell for $7 or $8 a gram, minister indicates. Solicitor general announces public engagement on cannabis legalization in British Columbia.

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