Cannabis News Round-Up

Are the IRS and DOJ conspiring to crack down on marijuana businesses in Colorado? Colorado governor calls special legislative session to fix pot tax error. Here is how Denver plans to spend its $2 billion budget next year (with the help of recreational pot money). Andrew Freedman on legalization and his time as Colorado marijuana czar.

Nevada may be home to marijuana motels, bars, clubs soon. Maine town to mull retail marijuana ban.
What a change in direction on federal marijuana policy could mean for Michigan. New Jersey Democrats hope legalizing marijuana will boost state finances. Kenai, Alaska rejects loosening marijuana restrictions.

A handful of these cookies will make you think you’re dying. California, meet legal weed. Want to get into California legal pot market? Expect a regulatory morass. Siskiyou, California calls for state aid to combat pot farms. Among pot growers in Siskiyou, California. Santa Clara, California bans commercial marijuana grows. San Diego, California legalizes marijuana cultivation, manufacturing. Drones and self-driving cars can’t legally deliver marijuana in California.

Trump inadvertently stopped Sessions’ marijuana crackdown. Trump and Sessions are at odds over prosecuting legal marijuana states. In the age of Trump, how do you build a legal marijuana industry from the ground up? DOJ no. 2 makes ominous comments on marijuana legalization.Republicans and federal marijuana policy.

Unforeseen land uses: The effect of marijuana legalization on land conservation programs. A safer way to legalize marijuana. Let legal marijuana put the black market out of business. Western states try to tame homegrown marijuana. Funding options for legal weed entrepreneurs expanding.

Legalizing marijuana won’t shut down Canada black market. Want a job selling legal Canada marijuana? You face an awkward dilemma. Most Canada don’t buy Trudeau’s legal-marijuana pitch, poll finds. Ontario to sell marijuana in 150 government-run stores; must be used in ‘private residences.’ Ontario approach to marijuana adopts unused contraband tobacco best practices. Thanks, Ontario government, for taking the fun out of legal weed. Age a key issue in Alberta debate over marijuana legalization. British Columbia undecided on rules for legal marijuana, even as justice ministers discuss ideas. Quebec should lead battle on marijuana legalization costs.

Legal pot in Mexico: Everything you need to know. Uruguay setting up dedicated cannabis dispensaries after banks scare off pharmacies.