Cannabis News Round-Up

House Rules Committee blocks renewal of 2014 marijuana amendment protecting medical providers. DOJ is secretly using IRS to investigate Colorado pot shops in guise of audits, lawsuit says. Teen marijuana use falls to 20-year low, defying legalization opponents’ predictions. Trump and Sessions are ignoring voters’ overwhelming support for medical marijuana. Will Congress listen?

Which state legislatures could legalize recreational, medical marijuana in 2018? How legalization caused the price of marijuana to collapse. Legal marijuana is not staying where it’s supposed to in the US.

Early buzzkill for Massachusetts legal weed. Massachusetts pot boss’ Colorado vacation included fireworks, smoking joint. Vermont legal pot two years away. New path toward legalized marijuana in Delaware begins. Auditor General: Legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania to boost revenues and create jobs. “Legal” marijuana has racial, class gap in New Jersey.

Washington pot law hasn’t meant more use by kids, new study says. Washington state broker aims to sell bundle of 12 marijuana retailers for up to $70M. Oregon marijuana legalization prompted big drop in sales in Washington border counties.

After town board vote, retail marijuana coming to Milliken, Colorado. Colorado marijuana sales fund $9.2 million in school pot prevention, health care programs.

Illinois lawmakers discuss pros, cons of legal recreational marijuana. Conflict of interest questioned on Arkansas marijuana control board Arkansas. marijuana boom continues with sales high. Minnesota candidates for governor line up behind marijuana legalization. Michigan marijuana legalization backers nearing petition drive goal.

California legal marijuana is almost here. If  only pot farmers were on board. California is about to open its first legal cannabis shops and it’s posing a huge problem for local pot growers. Humboldt, California union launches campaign against illegal indoor cannabis grows. Pot possession, advertising banned at Las Vegas airport. Moratorium lifted on recreational pot in Henderson, Nevada.

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