Cannabis News Round-Up

California gets into the weeds of pot marketing. Haze surrounding California marijuana regulations is starting to clear. When it comes to buying pot for pleasure, Fresno, California won’t be on the recreational map.

Ex-Bain consultant who opposed legalization named Massachusetts top marijuana regulator. Border patrol in Maine warns legalization won’t halt marijuana seizures. Pot shop clashes with tourism stores in eclectic Arkansas town.

How to get a job in the marijuana industry. Meet the 24-year-old entrepreneur who just launched a careers site for pot jobs. Big-name tech investors pour millions into marijuana. Buzz kill for pot farmers: Lower prices.

Sabet urges feds to “systematically shut down” cannabis industry. Legal pot in Trump’s America is part of “resistance culture.”

Quebec Marijuana czar stresses importance of reasonable prices for legal weed. Canadian provinces agree legal pot must be competitive with black market. Manitobans uncomfortable with certain aspects of pot legalization.

One thought on “Cannabis News Round-Up”

  1. > Pot shop clashes with tourism stores in eclectic Arkansas town.

    That's an Alaska town. Also the linked story starts by describing the town

    … the two long blocks that make up its Main Street, where tourists – many who arrive in Alaska on cruise ships and are bused about two hours north from Anchorage – wander into storefronts like Nagley's General Store for ice cream or slip through its back door for a cold one at the West Rib Bar and Grill.

    and goes on to describe the "problem" thus:

    some shop owners – the ones who built a multimillion-dollar business from the steady stream of mountain climbers who use Talkeetna as a staging point for treks up Denali – say this one shop could ruin the tiny town's historic atmosphere and harm business like the eight or so stores that serve alcohol along Main Street could never do.

    Sounds like the "historic atmosphere" ship sailed a long time since.

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