Cannabis News Round-Up

November 14, 2016

Marijuana wins big on election night. How pot won the election.

California legalizes marijuana in vote that could echo nationally. California scrambles to implement new recreational pot law. Colorado voters approve, reject local pot sales ballot measures. Massachusetts official wants to extend the deadline to open pot shops, alter parts of the law. Connecticut Governor Malloy reconsidering opposition to legal marijuana.

Donald Trump and marijuana: Will the two biggest winners of 2016 get along? Marijuana industry keeps a wary eye on how Trump will respond to pot legalization. Pres. Obama‘s artful stance allowed pot legalization to march ahead; Trump calls it ‘state issue.’What the future of marijuana legalization could look like under President Trump.

Market for legal pot could pass $20 billion. Marijuana company prepares to cross state lines, as legally as possible. The opportunities and pitfalls for the legalized marijuana industry. 

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  1. I'm not so sure that pot did win big, though I'll defer to those more versed in the subject than I. Don't all of the legal pot initiatives depend upon forbearance by the feds? What are the consequences for legalized pot of Attorney General Rudy Giuliani?

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