Cannabis News Round Up

California must overhaul cannabis regulations using emergency process so sales can start January 2nd. Oakland gives marijuana convicts first chance to open legal weed businesses. Riverside, California mulls options on legal marijuana businesses. Anti-marijuana group takes aim at Nevada rules. Be glad Arizona turned down recreational marijuana.

This 59-year-old Colorado mother of 2 is making millions selling legal marijuana gummies. Durango, Colorado voters may be asked to raise marijuana taxes. Marijuana grows leaving more Colorado homes filled with mold. Washington Puyallup tribe is running the pot lab of the future. Washington weed industry has a million-pound waste problem.

Through the haze of Massachusetts legal pot sales. Christie’s departure creates chance for New Jersey legal pot. DC marijuana market: stuck in a gray zone. Norton challenges Trump Administration on its support of harmful DC marijuana rider.

Michigan ballot initiative would grant highest cannabis possession limits in the US. Illinois lawmakers debate marijuana legalization.

What’s the big deal with legal pot? No one knows yet. Marijuana legalization fuels black market in other states. DEA data shows drug cartels continue to “operate and profit” from marijuana sales in legalized markets. Work in legal weed? Want to take out a loan? Good luck. States forge path through uncharted territory to legal pot.

Trump’s top strategist Robert Stone says he’s trying to convince the president to legalize marijuana. Why Sessions is going to lose his war against cannabis. Federal lawsuit against Sessions and DEA says marijuana’s Schedule I status unconstitutional. Sen. Booker just introduced a bill that could legalize marijuana nationwide.

Civil challenges to cannabis businesses in legal states. Marijuana is the new moneymaker for wedding planners. Former Seminole chief leads partnership to boost legal marijuana industry on tribal lands.

Ontario prepping reefer awareness campaign on the dangers of marijuana as legalization date approaches. The movement to make marijuana legal in India now has support from one of Modi’s ministers.

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