Cannabis News Round-Up

Massachusetts governor signs revamped marijuana legalization bill. What Maine recreational marijuana market will look like.

How Sessions could crack down on legal marijuana (and why he might not). Bipartisan group of senators rebuke Sessions’ attempt to ignore marijuana laws. DOJ gears up for crackdown on marijuana. Despite growing support for marijuana, legalization faces rocky road.

California has too much pot, and growers won’t be able to export the surplus. Should California start its own bank to serve marijuana companies? It wouldn’t be easy. Gavin Newsom dominates donations from a growing California industry aiming for influence. Nevada legal pot industry ramping up delivery services.

Colorado will come to regret legalizing marijuana.What actually happened to violent crime after Washington legalized marijuana. Michigan residents could keep enough marijuana for 880 joints under proposal.

New podcast to dive into how marijuana legalization is changing America. MADD manager says legalization of marijuana is going to create significant issues. These college students lost access to legal pot — and started getting better grades.

Questions remain for local leaders around Canada legalization of marijuana. Ahead of legalization, New Brunswick doctors release education program on marijuana health risks. Manitoba appears open to private marijuana sales when pot becomes legal.

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  1. honestly, i believe that cannabis should be legalized all over to stop all the drama. I noticed that some states are having some problems but then again they have more problems with alcohol users than cannabis users. We need to stand as one in the fight for cannabis legalization in the USA on a federal level.

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