Cannabis News Round-Up

Nevada dispensaries reportedly running out of marijuana, just days after legalization. Nevada considers emergency rules to address shortage of legal weed. Sandoval signs order that could end Nevada marijuana distribution fight. Inside a massive (and legal) Nevada marijuana cultivation centre. Nevada half-hearted marijuana legalization guarantees a healthy black market.

Colorado tries to fight homeless problem that may have been triggered by pot law. Colorado state troopers search fewer cars for pot since legalization, but racial disparities rise. Pairing wine and weed: California dream or nightmare? Hanford, California allows cannabis cultivation, but where can you buy recreational pot on Jan. 1?

Massachusetts conferees reignite legal pot negotiations. Massachusetts towns balking at pot shops.

DC passes emergency legislation giving pot dispensing preference to black-owned businesses. DC arrests for public use of marijuana nearly tripled last year. With medical marijuana now legal in Florida, is recreational pot far behind? Facebook takes down pages of some legal Arkansas pot shops.

Marijuana industry gears up after New Jersey candidate backs legalization. Marijuana legalization debate keeps burning in Delaware. Push to legalize weed still on in Illinois to help solve budget problems. Michigan petition to legalize marijuana has 100,000 signatures so far.

Why some pot businesses hide their cash — and others truck it straight to a federal vault. Legal marijuana market forecasts 2016-2021. Tvert to join cannabis consulting firm.

Ontario sets up survey seeking feedback on impacts of legal marijuana. In Uruguay marijuana experiment, the government is your pot dealer.