Cannabis News Round-Up

Nevada marijuana legalization gives control to newly created ‘cannabis cartel.’ Legal weed in Nevada makes bank on first day of sales.The booze industry is messing up Nevada legal weed supply chain. Las Vegas dreams big in new era of legal marijuana.

California cities, counties confront legal pot. California pot growers brace for proposed limits on chemicals in crop sprays. Modesto, California has not decided on having marijuana businesses, but it could have a tax ready. They want to change the way you buy marijuana. Legal marijuana continues to challenge Oregon employers. You can now buy weed in Oregon without cash — legitimately. Wages growing in Washington marijuana industry.

Massachusetts House speaker asks for halt to pot negotiations until state budget is worked out. What’s that smell in the air? In Boston, marijuana. Dollars tell only part of story of Vermont pot legalization advocacy. It’s summer, and DC smells like weed.

Has legal marijuana caused an increase or decrease in traffic accidents and deaths?

As Canada moves to legalize pot, questions about advertising take spotlight. Many Canada companies dazed and confused on how to handle legal pot. Canada needs to explain balance between UN treaties, legal cannabis.

How much could New Zealand earn from taxing legal cannabis?