Cannabis News Round-Up

California passes “open container” law for pot. California bill would curb cooperation between law enforcement, feds on marijuana cases. Don’t get too excited about Colorado first-ever marijuana cafés. Colorado drug-ring bust is proof the legalization system is working. Oregon marijuana industry sees growth two years after recreational legalization.

Welcome to legal pot, Las Vegasstyle. Nevada recreational marijuana sales on track to begin July 1. Nevada makes “emergency” changes to marijuana edibles law. Nevada goes green with recreational marijuana, and alcohol industry wants a piece of the pot. Weed, weed, everywhere in Nevada, but not a spliff to smoke. Southern Utah residents flock to Nevada, as state opens recreational marijuana sales.

Questions remain on changes to Massachusetts pot law. Marijuana in Massachusetts: Here’s what you need to know about the potential changes to the new law.

New Jersey legal marijuana: Christie unconvinced; successor may decide. Marijuana legalization backers optimistic about putting issue to Michigan voters in 2018. Changes coming to recreational marijuana laws in New York? Task force created to study outcome of legalizing marijuana in Delaware.

Pot industry deals with ultimate buzzkill: Self regulation. Legalized marijuana is making it harder for police to search your car. Why the latest news on marijuana and car crashes has some experts skeptical. Mostly young, well-educated men are ordering marijuana delivery.

Mexico joins Canada in making cannabis legal, leaving the US far behind in marijuana policy. Highs and lows of taxing Canadian marijuana. Canada is facing a weed drought—and it only has itself to blame. Alberta political parties mull pot positions ahead of federal cannabis legalization. Pot insider says dispensaries are ‘dreaming’ if they think they’ll be part of Canada legalization framework.