Cannabis News Round-Up

Canada legal weed: It really is coming soon to a store near you. Canada wants provinces to keep pot tax low. New Brunswick to set legal marijuana age at 19, sell through crown corporation.

Massachusetts Senate passes marijuana bill calling for revisions to law. Massachusetts House approves revised recreational marijuana law. Vermont House Republicans block marijuana legalization bill. Rhode Island General Assembly kills legalized marijuana for 2017 with “study commission.”

New Jersey move to legalize marijuana has begun. Here’s all you need to know about it. Marijuana group says bank to close its accounts amid fears of a Justice Department crackdown.

Tiny Sumpter, Oregon, becomes unwilling marijuana Mecca. When it comes to regulating marijuana, can we ever count on Los Angeles to do the right thing? Crash fatality rates after recreational marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado. 

Judge mulling Nevada bid for recreational pot sales July 1st. More questions than answers on legal pot in Nevada. Seminole chief to help other tribes grow legal weed.

Is big alcohol taking a hit from legal weed? The search for a place to toke up.

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