Cannabis News Round-Up

California lawmakers pass bill prohibiting state assistance in enforcement of federal marijuana laws. California wants big insurance carriers to cover cannabis companies. California localities primed for legal recreational cannabis use. Big changes coming to Washington marijuana laws. Cannabis cultivation grows to 4.2 million square feet in Denver area. Gang that sold millions worth of Colorado pot outside state not unusual. Is the lack of Alaska pesticide rules for cannabis a gap in consumer protection?

Nevada tribes a step closer to legally growing, selling marijuana. License dispute could delay Nevada recreational pot sales. Nevada races to finalize legal marijuana rules. Safer Arizona continues saga for marijuana legalization.

No uptick in New Hampshire pot arrests since Massachusetts legalization. Vermont Governor may ask House Republicans not to block passage of pot legalization. Connecticut marijuana legalization hits speed bump. Connecticut pot legalization is latest issue debated, then tabled. Maine city to ban marijuana in wake of legalization. Tobacco wholesalers want in on Massachusetts recreational marijuana.

DOJ’s mysterious marijuana subcommittee. With these 4 words, the DEA head shut down any hope of legalizing marijuana anytime soon. Trump casts cloud over cannabis, but money keeps pouring in. Some cities, states help minorities enter marijuana industry.

Canada legal pot market won’t be able to meet the staggering demand if legalization happens next year. Alberta wants feedback on marijuana legalization. Quebec to hold public consultations. Quebec psychiatrists slam Ottawa‘s legal marijuana legislation. Uruguay sets path for Canada on marijuana legalization within international treaties.

What a regulated UK cannabis market might mean for business.